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Wedding Photography Dunsborough

Professional Wedding Photography Dunsoborough

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Wedding Photography in Dunsborough

Wedding PhotographerLooking for the right person to capture all the special moments of your wedding day? My business is Real Image Photography and I, Pete Battye, provide Wedding Photography services. I love what I do. In fact, my services have been demonstrated for many years in the South West of Western Australia as I have shared the wedding day of many couples in Dunsborough.

For your special day, I combine my skills and experience to capture every moment of your day wherever you decide to marry in Dunsborough or in the surrounding area. I am passionate about the region and can take you to some stunning coastal and bush locations where my Wedding Photography Dunsborough work has brought the biggest smiles to couples’ faces as we turn their memories into semi-works of art, featuring them! Whether you are planning to marry at a beach in Dunsborough, or prefer a picturesque spot nearby, my wedding photography services are flexible to fit all kinds of situations. Because I live in Dunsborough and know many of the businesses, I am only too willing to suggest venues for your reception, DJs, celebrants and cars.


What is my Wedding Photography Style And Purpose?

My purpose is to take fantastic, lasting images in a relaxed, fun and enjoyable atmosphere. Often, you won’t even know I am taking photos, as I use the lens to zoom in and capture the finest detail of your day. My style is quite simply, natural and real. Some people don’t feel comfortable posing and smiling in front of a camera all day, so with my Dunsborough wedding photography services I aims to click away without being obvious. Of course, I am more than happy to set up more traditional shots should you wish, particularly if you wish to have extended family photos taken.

All Day or Just a Few Hours – The Choice is Yours

I am very flexible with my business and can be available from the morning, throughout the day and to the last dance of the night. Wedding photography Dunsborough is what I do but passion is what keeps me bouncing off walls to capture as many angles as possible – bridesmaids and the beautiful bride preparing, every moment of the ceremony, congratulations and family photos. Relaxed, fun photos of the bridal party and every aspect of your reception from your entrance until you hit the dance floor for the first time as Mr and Mrs.

Wedding Photography Services in Dunsborough

In addition to general photography, wedding photography is my specialist area of expertise. I’m a diverse photographer and as you will be able to see from the photos gallery above, I have vast experience in wedding photography, along with experience in many other styles of photography including events, portraits, commercial photography and more.

Your wedding is the one day in your life where you want your photographs for your wedding to be perfect so that you have wonderful and vivid memories to look back on for years to come. As a point of difference from other Dunsborough wedding photographers, what I provide via my business in wedding photography, is personalised and dedicated attention to what YOU want. Even if you have yet to finalise your specific wedding venue, you have definitely chosen one of the world’s most picturesque regions to celebrate your wedding event, and the wedding photos that we take for you will take full advantage of that.

Why choose Real Image Photography as your Dunsborough Wedding Photographer?

As your Wedding photographer in Dunsborough, I offer a range of packages designed especially to suit your budget considerations and preferred styles of photography. My natural approach is to take natural, candid images of you, the couple getting married, and the family and friends at your wedding. Often, you won’t even know I am snapping away with my camera. One of the things I love about my job is seeing reactions and the look on couples’ faces when they see close-ups of faces, dresses, accessories, and wedding rings. As they say, ‘The devil is in the detail’, which is my main point of difference. My main aim is to capture the special details of your special day. Of course, I can just as easily organise your family and friends for posed group shots too.

What’s Included In The Dunsborough Wedding Photography Package?

Photography is not a job with set hours, and I make sure that I am completely flexible to your needs, including not limiting you to specific days of the week, times or special requests. Should you wish, I can be available for the whole day including, the bridal party preparations; capturing the pre-ceremony, the entire ceremony, and group photos after you have officially tied the knot. Some ask for their wedding photographer to photograph the reception from when the bridal party and guests arrive, others also like to have the speeches, cake-cutting and bridal waltz included in their wedding photography packages – and some keep me to the very end to click away as the dance floor heats up, right to when you both make your departure.

Here’s Our Dunsborough Wedding Photography Secret…

Dunsborough and the surrounding area provides a large variety of beautifully natural venues that prove to be superb backdrops for wedding photography, or for any other memorable occasion. Stunning beaches, natural bushlands, and inviting resorts – these are some of the ideal and often used locations for my Dunsborough wedding photography shoots. As well as wedding photography, I also take photographs for special occasions like baby showers, birthdays, anniversaries and hen’s nights in some stunning locations.

An Dunsborough Wedding Photographer With Real Experience

Real Image Photography has been in business for a number of years and I have both the expertise and experience to create beautiful wedding photography images so that your wedding day is truly unforgettable. If you need any advice from me regarding the photography for your nuptials, then simply call me on 0404 082 614 or you can send an email asking about our Dunsborough Wedding Photography services.

Find Out More About Our Dunsborough Photography Services

You can see examples of my wedding photography work above, or view some of our other pages on this site to see honest feedback from customers about our Dunsborough photography services or read more about my background as an Dunsborough wedding photographer. I would love to be in your ‘short-list’ so we can discuss your date, desires and decisions regarding your pending wedding.

Other Professional Photography Services in Dunsborough

I’m a diverse and accredited professional photographer and I also have experience in many styles of photography. From portrait photography, real estate photography, and general photography including live sports action, events photography, and much more, I have the expertise to meet your needs.

No job is too big or too small, so please contact Real Image Photography today to discuss your specific photography needs.

I pride myself on being able to cater to your needs at the highest professional level, no matter what sort of shoot you are after. I also offer location and studio-based photography solutions for families, models and corporate clients. Contact me today to discuss your photography needs in Dunsborough.